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What are the Different ways to use and take CBD oil

There are many options when it comes to buying, taking and using CBD oil products. Every day, there emerge new brands that come from the new version of CBD oil. Surprisingly, these brands are providing different forms of CBD products. Everywhere there is confusing about the products and their different concentrations.

It’s either you buy the right CBD oil locally or online. With two choices, you can choose the right choice for you. Make a list and identify the need for the product. Most people do not follow instructions thus taking an overdose. Doing this is gambling with your body’s health. Just take the amount instructed as per instruction, and things will flow smoothly for you. Here are different ways to use and take CBD oil:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Vapes
  • Concentrates
  • Topicals and vapes


Tinctures are the common usage of CBD oil on today’s market. When compared with other products, concentrates and tinctures are regarded as the most and finest pure applications of cannabinoids. This is because the manufacturers don’t separate the products when processing the CBD oil. Quite a percentage of brands do contain a little flavor and taste to their tinctures. This makes it easier and enjoyable for users to take. Most importantly, tinctures are consumed by dropping some drops under or on your tongue. A tincture is well-known as the most effective method. This is enhanced when you take time to swallow after placing it on your tongue.


Using capsules might be the simplest way to take CBD oil in your body. It may look easy and straightforward way to consume the CBD product as your daily supplement. Believe it or not, this method is even much easier to take as compared to tinctures. With capsules, you can add your daily regimen by adding CBD pills in your life. Typically, capsules come with 10 to 25mg of CBD. Because each capsule provides a certain amount of CBD, it becomes easier to track your daily taking habits. In terms of dosage, capsules will work better than you can expect. Just take one capsule daily with water when in need.


CBD concentrates contains the toughest dosage of CBD oil than any other category of products. When compared to different CBD products, concentrates contains ten times of cannabinoids than its latter products. In comparison to capsules and tinctures, concentrates are much convenient. You will only take little time (two seconds) to take. With it, you won’t get your things messy. However, the shortcoming of concentrates is that the product is typically not flavored.

Topicals and vapes

More brands are seen to add cannabinoids in topicals like salve, lotions as well as lip balms. It ensures skin benefits that include acne, chronic pain, cancer treatment, inflammation, anti-aging, and psoriasis. In this case of topicals, just apply the oil into your body areas generously and enjoy the benefits.

On vapes, the research shows that vaporizing and smoking CBD Vape oil is less effective than other ways of administering CBD. All you need is a vape pen, e-cigarette or vaporizer. Also, add heat as you inhale the appropriate amount of product of your choice.

Other types include:

  • CBD Gums
  • CBD patches. Edibles
  • Gel pen