DG Botanicals kratom vendor


DG botanicals is a kratom vendor and sells kratom products online. They have been active in this field for many years. They are trying hard to emerge as a successful vendor and bringing many variations in products and quality. However their website is not supportive as it does not work at many times that’s why mostly it gets hard for customers to find them and order from the store. For this reason they usually book orders through email. Just because the website is not up to date that’s why mostly information about the vendor is hard to find and missing and the origin of their store is not confirmed when it got started. But it is said that they started this business in 2016 and their store is located in USA Texas.

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What do they offer?

DG Botanicals offers kratom in basic powder form which is found by a source and is not seen on website as it is not working. All the strains are available in all colors. Their packaging is also good and safe, it is safe to ship, easy to use and safe from bacteria. Also they check the products for contaminations and other substances and it is said that their products are lab-tested, as the website is not showing any detail.  All the products are high in quality and there is no negative comment found about the quality. The price range offered by them is also affordable and fair. Their production methods are not mentioned authentically and there is no proof of the fact whether the procedures are GMP certified or not.

Strains and products

Various strains are available at the store and some of them are slow and others are fast strains. Slow strains are effective for the beginners and fast ones are for the old users. Every strain has different effects on different people so it varies on the situation and health condition of a particular person. It is said that only powdered form is available in all the strains. Top strains of DG Botanicals are mentioned below;

  • DG Botanical Green Indo
  • Premium Maeng Da kratom
  • Green Borneo kratom
  • Bali X
  • Red Bali
  • Red Indo

Shipping and delivery process

Again just because of the issue in their website shipping and delivery processes are not visible to anyone here. While it is not seen anywhere that they have any problem or issue with the deliveries. Which means that they are good in it and people are satisfied with their services.

Payment options

Only two payment methods are offered by the vendor and are mentioned below;

  • Zele
  • Money order


While talking about the pros it is very difficult to claim anything because there is no proof on the website but we can evaluate by the experiences and reviews of its users.

  • Quality¬† kratom
  • Lab tested
  • Pure kratom from Southeast Asia
  • Satisfied delivery
  • Good packaging
  • Good customer care


  • Website is not supportive
  • No online store
  • Hard to choose because of trust issues
  • No GMP qualified proof
  • Only powder form is available